Medical Manufacturing & Healthcare

Medical Technology specialise in the manufacture and distribution of innovative class I and class IIa medical devices for pain relief. Working with an extensive medical team of doctors and surgeons MTL designs, patents and manufactures devices for control of pain in the home. Distributed in the UK, US and many European countries MTL's products have brought comfort to tens of thousands around the world.

MTL has a diverse mix of medical specialists including general practitioners, consultant orthopaedic surgeons, pharmacists and engineers. With many members of the team in active practice we benefit from years of experience in many areas of medicine.

MTL has relationships with many leading wholesalers and distributors including Alliance Healthcare (UK) and Allphar (Ireland).



UK West Quay Fulfilment, Southampton. UK. USA Balkowitsch, ND 58504. USA.
Ireland Allphar Services, Dublin. Ireland. Greece Bioscan, Athens, Greece.
Netherlands Cross Bay Medical, Apeldoorn. Netherlands. Singapore E-Medical, Singapore 650639.